What are my responsibilities to the fund?

  • Investment management
  • Investment management compliance
  • Reporting to the board
  • Reporting to the fund chief compliance officer
  • Fund promotion
  • Periodic formal communication with shareholders

What is the criteria for joining The RBB Fund Series Trust?

  • Typically for established Funds and Advisors that have or can attain scale
  • Advisors who aggregate with other fund managers in order to secure favorable contracts from service providers
  • Focus is on established fund managers looking to lower expenses

Would my fund be "linked" to the other funds in the trust?

While each fund is a series of the trust, each fund is operated and marketed separately like a standalone trust.

Why launch a mutual fund?

Money managers launch mutual funds for various reasons. Whether the goal is to diversify investment offerings for clients, broaden distribution opportunities, embrace a new business strategy, or for some other purpose, setting up and maintaining a mutual fund can be a complicated process. Often the fund investment advisor launches the new fund.

Questions an investment advisor might consider before deciding to launch a new mutual fund include:

  • What is my investment strategy and process?
  • What are my business goals?
  • How do I plan on raising assets?
  • How will my fund differ from others?
  • When do I want to complete the fund launch?
  • How much does it cost to start a new fund?
  • What is my breakeven point?
  • How big do I want the fund to be?
  • What distribution channel(s) will I use?
  • Can I service the fund in-house or will I outsource?

Once a company has made the decision to launch a mutual fund, a well-defined plan must be chosen to drive the idea toward a successful launch-on time and within budget-in a competitive market.

Why outsource Board Relationships?

  • Allows you to concentration on Managing Money
  • Investment management compliance
  • RBB maintains a dedicated Executive Team that are highly qualified with extensive industry experience
  • Meeting Schedules and Minutes Preparation
  • RBB has been able to negotiate favorable contracts for each of the advisor/funds due to its scale.